Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travel Insurance – Why you need it

There’s no alternative to travel insurance

Some people travel without insurance under the illusion that the local British Embassy or High Commission will take care of them in an emergency. This may be true in the first instance, but you will still be sent the bill at the finish of it all. This has to be the case, or no one would ever bother to take out travel insurance, leaving the government to carryover the giant cost.

Another often held belief is that the EHIC will cover you when you holiday in Europe. This may be true for definite medical expenses, such as hospital charges etc, but it won't cover repatriation in case you are seriously ill, or in the event of your death overseas.

Basically, travel insurance is an absolute must wherever you’re travelling to.

plenty of holiday companies and several banks and credit cards offer free travel insurance, and for the average traveller on the average package holiday, this will probably provide adequate cover. However, it’s important you check that your owner covers your personal circumstances and everything you expect to do while you are away. Things to check for include:

What to look for in travel insurance

Sports activities beyond basic holiday pastimes
Any unsafe ‘thrill’ activities such as paragliding or bungee leaping
Skiing, off-piste skiing, skating, and snowboarding
Driving or riding a motorbike or moped

As a general rule, you get what you pay for, and free policies are unlikely to be as comprehensive as a bespoke owner. when you think about the cost of a helicopter rescue from an off piste ski run, for example, you will soon see that a tiny saving on insurance could be a pricey bet.

you ought to make definite your travel insurance includes at least £2million for medical expenses in Europe and at least £5million for the remainder of the world. Without this cover you may find that hospitals overseas will basically refuse to treat you.

Other considerations

You must be definite your traven insurance owner covers you in case you have any preexisting medical conditions, such as heart issues, cancer, or similar illnesses. plenty of policies will include treatment for these for an additional fee if they’re declared in advance, but won't pay for treatment in case you do not tell them. you ought to also tell your insurer if your health changes between purchasing your owner and going away. Most insurers will cover travel for pregnant females, but again, you ought to tell them when you buy your owner.

Most travel insurance policies won't cover you for incidents and accidents caused by excessive drinking or drugs. No-one expects you to stay sober all holiday, but in case you go far you risk leaving yourself without cover when you need it most.

what is not covered?

Most policies will also exclude terrorist assaults. If you’re in any doubt as to the security of the area you’re travelling to, check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before you make your trip.

The whole point of a holiday is to relax and enjoy yourself, so why add the stress of worrying about your health and welfare while you are away? Travelling without insurance is giant a bet to risk to save a few pounds on the cost of your holiday.

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